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This schedule is for Practical Nursing. For schedule information for other programs please review the Programs and Courses listing on our website, call or visit a campus.  See below for the newly updated PN Schedule (07/10/13). 


Start Date Campus Format Admissions Seminar








August 18, 2014






675 hours of theory and 675 hours of clinicals offered in the Traditional On-campus format.  The hours for clinicals and theory are spread out over the 15.5 month long class.  Students attend class and clinicals during their scheduled school week.

The school schedule for the Clearwater campus is Monday through Thursday, 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

*The Application Packet will soon be  available on the Applications page of PN part of our website . 

Traditional/Site Based



May 8 on the Clearwater Campus at 5:30PM


*Attendees must complete the Seminar Registration Form below to reserve a seat*






August 18, 2014


675 clock hours for theory and 675 clock hours clinicals.  Hybrid Students complete the theory hours in a web based format, with required face to face sessions for labs and demonstrations on scheduled weeknights (usually after 3pm). 

The Clinical Clock hours are usually on scheduled weekends (10-12 hour shifts), but can also be on scheduled weeknights (after 3pm). 

The Application Packet is NOW  available on the Applications page of our PN part of the website. 




May 8, 2014 at 5:30 PM on the Clearwater campus


*Attendees must complete the Seminar Registration Form below to reserve a seat. 






This schedule is subject to change.

Specific dates will be added as available.

The purpose of the admissions seminar is to review the requirements of submitting a fully complete application by the stated deadline. Application packets will not be accepted at the admissions seminar.


You must complete the mandatory pre-registration form to attend the admissions seminar.  Pre-registration does not obligate you to attend the seminar but is required for admission to the seminar.

Seminar Admission

Only pre-registered applicants will be admitted to the seminar.  Attendance is limited to 375 pre-registrations.  The seminar begins promptly at 5:30 PM.  Applicants should arrive early to get a seat.

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